Stuttgarter Nachrichten

In Bach’s Cantata it was pleasing to hear the focused articulation, with which Alexander Adiarte brought out of the instrumental part of the score. Even the choir and the vocal soloists profited from the clear gestures of this young conductor.

Südwest Presse

It was fantastic to see how Alexander Adiarte conducted his orchestra, which reacted to each and every light finger motion. This allowed the idyllic character pieces to become a lively musical experience.

Leonberger Kreiszeitung

“During the evening it is repeatedly apparent that Adiarte knows how to lead the orchestra like a virtuoso, resulting in continual high-performance.”

Leonberg Kreiszeitung

“As always, conductor Alexander G. Adiarte is present from the first until final second and confidently leads the orchestra through the various compositions, which all have their specific challenges.”

Neckar-Odenwald Kreiszeitung

“And the Young Chamber Orchestra, under the exceptional direction of Alexander G. Adiarte, had abundant opportunities to prove and display their excellent musical abilities. They delivered an exhilirating performance with fervor and intensity, youthful enthusiasm, and above all an amazing sensitivity. Rather than merely playing through, they lived through the atmosphere of each piece.”

Leonberg Kreiszeitung

“The audience could hear a great variety of sound colors. The hands of the conductor Alexander G. Adiarte never stopped communicating: even the listeners who followed his gestures could discover traces of the hidden musical structures. It is a magical experience when one has the feeling that one hears exactly everything that music has to offer.”

Rhein-Neckar Zeitung

“In the young conductor Alexander G. Adiarte, an excellent man stood on the podium, who animated the orchestra to true heights. This was especially the case in “Im Treibhaus”, where he sublimely shaped the mysterious atmosphere of the strings. Adiarte gave the sound space and time, allowing the sweet and peaceful passages to be played just as expressively powerful as the visionary and thunderous passages.”